Who we are

A Multinational Integrated Renewables Company

EōS is a multinational Integrated Renewables Company. An IRC incorporates the entire renewables value-chain: Distribution, Project Development, EPC work (Engineering, Procurement & Construction), Financing, Consulting and O&M for energy efficiency and energy generation under one organizational umbrella. EōS uses its integrated structure to implement sustainable energy solutions without the need to sub-contract or piecemeal projects. 

What we do

Energy Efficient  Solutions

Our services include Energy Efficiency solutions (Lighting, Building Control/Portfolio Management, etc.), Energy Generation and Storage (solar + battery), and Finance Solutions. 

We work best with Commercial and Industrial Portfolio owners like REITs to implement or enhance a green portfolio, Fortune 1000 corporations looking to become a more sustainable organization, Utilities to generate utility-scale renewable power, and Municipalities to utilize special finance vehicles to achieve community sustainable goals otherwise impossible to reach within conventional methods.

Happy customers

Energy Optimization 


Panama Canal Authority, Nippon Yusen Kaisha Group, Everport Terminal Services, The Port of Los Angeles, The National Park Service, California Department of Motor Vehicles, City of Los Angeles, Mitsui Group, Retail Opportunity Investments Corporation, American Golf, and countless others.

Metrics - Our impact

Our Impact

Tons of CO2 removed - 37, 803* 

Acres of forest preserved - 256* 

Energy saved in 2019 - 53.47GWh

Unique Projects - 1022

* Estimates of CO2 removed, and acres of forest preserved is calculated using the EPA's greenhouse gas equivalencies calculator.




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UN Global Compact Participant

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