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Consulting: Evaluate Potential Solutions 


Project Feasibility

Feasibility studies are generally the first step towards verifying whether a project is feasible to undertake. We evaluate the total cost of ownership and potential effects of a project including environmental, social, and economic aspects in order to judge the feasibility. Generally, this work is done from a holistic approach, and looks at a variety of direct, secondary, and tertiary effects. 

Design and Engineering

We have the ability to provide efficient, reliable, and bankable solutions to our customers. Our Engineers work closely with our in­-house Construction and Finance experts to provide designs for constructible solutions to meet local conditions and compressed schedules.

In-­House Design Capabilities:

  • PV Plant Layout

  • Energy Modeling and Analysis

  • Structural Design for Foundations

  • AC and DC Arc Flash Calculations

  • Load Flow & Reactive Power Studies

  • Module String Calculation

  • PV Source Circuit Calculations

  • PV Output Ampacity Calculations

  • DC Voltage Drop

  • DC and AC Cable Ampacity Using Neher­McGrath

  • Inverter Sizing

  • Inverter Step Up Transformer Sizing

  • Medium Voltage Collection System Design

  • Substation Main Power Transformer Sizing

  • Substation Layout Design

  • Constructability Reviews


EPC Work

We have required contractors and construction licenses in order to engineer and build-out any energy efficiency or generation project in the United States and across many international locations abroad. 



We understand the full complexity of financing for a renewable project, and can help navigate the complexities of tax-equity swaps, depreciated cashflow modeling, project value, and other financial structures. Our finance team can alleviate the confusion when looking at a project, and help the solution provider, client, or 3rd party understand the financial ramifications of a solution package.




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