Frequently asked questions

Why is it important to make energy efficiency improvements all at once?

Energy efficiency improvements made in a bulk decision standardize maintenance time and cut cost uniformly. Additionally implementing these solutions at once maximizes ROI (return on investment).

What kind of difference can changing lights actually make?

It can make a safer (60% less accidents), happier workplace(76% of people feel happier with LEDs), more productive(12% more), less maintenance($20/yr/light), and of course, the economic benefits.

How do you know your calculations are accurate?

We calculate based on industry standards and if needed, we can bring in third party verification.

How much can I actually save?

Depends on your usage, but generally a 15-30% savings on total utility cost is not uncommon.

How long do these solutions last?

Depending on your solution, these can last 4x to 10x longer then your traditional lighting, HVAC, and other energy consuming fixtures.

How long does install take?

Install at minimum will take a week, and can take up to a couple months depending on the availability of the space to work, working parameters, etc.

Can you install around my schedule?

Absolutely, our work crews are 24/7 so we can accommodate any schedule.

What if I don’t have capital to expend for this project?

EōS offers a suite of financial options in order to accommodate different.




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