Lighting as a Service:Finance your Lighting needs

Lighting as a Service (LaaS) is a subscription based performance contract. This allows for lighting projects to be completed without capital outlay, keeps the project off balance sheet, and guarantees positive cash flow from day one. The client will also realize and participate in the overall monthly savings as an additional cost benefit. 


Lighting as a service is the concept of entering into a long term agreement to save energy through a variety of measures. These agreements are generally between 3 and 6 years, and cover Lighting and controls, 


The LaaS model is built around energy savings, and financed as such. This allows the client to reap the benefits of an energy savings project without any capital outlay, and allow for positive cash flow from installation. 

There are over 3,300 utilities in the United States, with many of these utilities offering their customers access to different programs that can provide assistance in conversion on energy consuming items such as Lighting, HVAC, Water Systems, Recycling, Solar, Storage and controls to name a few. 


An Energy Rebate Program, provides a cash rebate program for customers planning to install new, energy efficient technology, equipment or cooling systems. An Energy Rebate Program is a simple way for customers to apply and qualify for various energy rebates offered by utilities, in their respective coverage areas. 


EōS is able to help its customers navigate the process and paperwork needed as well as offer a turnkey solution that incorporates the rebates into the overall savings plan.  

In addition, there are also many specialized grants available for Solar and other energy and water saving technologies either through State grants and or Federal grants that are available. 




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