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Portfolio Generation

Portfolio generation is characterized as multiple solar installs across a portfolio of properties. We put this in the "large generation" category because more often then not, a "one size fits all" does not work. With multiple sites, it becomes prudent to evaluate each site within the context of the entire portfolio. By working with our team we can consult and build the best solution for each individual property that will reflect the best for the entire portfolio.

Community Solar

Community Solar is the ownership vehicle where people "group" their energy purchasing to achieve utility-scale pricing. For Municipalities, utilities, and NGOs that are looking for a community solar solution, our large scale generation team can work to design a solution build out that combines affordable LCOE with world-best compliance, consulting, and build-out capabilities, all in one package. 

Utility Scale

For utilities, developers, EPCs, and others looking for a team to help with their utility-scale operations, whether it's design, engineering, consulting, EPC work, or everything combined - Eо̄S can satisfy any need. We design projects with the best long term LCOE possible and our Large-Generation team look at all points of variability including transmission, finance, ecological impact, equipment, design, compliance, finance and much more. 

Net Zero Solutions

For enterprises, governments, and municipalities looking to become a beacon of sustainability, we offer a net-zero solution that is inclusive of generation, sustainability, and energy efficiency. This solution package centers around distributed energy as a way to bring a client to Net-Zero. This means no net carbon emissions.




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